Week 1, Day 4 (late) – Dive into Madness

So as much as I WANTED to watch some dramas yesterday, it was impossible.  Got to the shop at 8am, met the plumbers there, started running errands to pick up water heater, more flooring products, more paint for the walls, baseboards, screws, nails, trip to the bank, home for windshield repair on car, back to the shop… yeah, that was all before 10am.   Then, about 1pm, we learned a new way to mop a floor in the shop… cut into a 120psi water line!  In less than two minutes, the shop (and the neighbors shop) was flooded with more than 100 gallons of water.  Then it was a mad rush, while the plumber patched the pipe, to get all our furniture, stock, etc moved next door out of the water and try to save what could be saved.  

The newly stained, but not as of yet sealed, floor suffered greatly and had to be redone.  Yay.  We spent the next 3hrs with three different shop vacs getting all the water out.  Then, once that was done, we got down to repairing the damage.  Was here until 11pm last night working to get us back to where we started at the beginning of the day.  Got it accomplished, and the company we hired bent over backwards to help, but holy cow.  

So, no drama watching on day 4, but catching up shouldn’t be a problem over the next couple of days… please… hopefully.  NOTHING ELSE can go wrong at the shop, I miss my dramas!

On a side note, I did watch A Company Man with So Ji Sub in the morning before coming to the shop and LOVED it.  Of course, I’ve fallen a bit in love with SJS so I’m likely a bit biased.  Seriously starting to suffer Master’s Sun withdrawals, or at least SJS and GHJ withdrawals.  They seriously need to start dating, be out in the open with it, so all of us can have happy little dreams 🙂

Let’s pray Day 5 is a better day!  


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