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Tan: I want to be in an official relationship with Eunsang.
ES Mom: I cannot approve of the two in a relationship.
KA: He’s handsome, tall, nice, and gives his life up for Eunsang; he has all the qualities, so why do you not like him?
ES: Kim Tan, you scored last again? You said you’d always be there for me and support me!
Tan: You come in front.”
Rachel: There’s nothing wrong with your father’s company?
YD: What do you think you’re doing?!
YD: Young Do, get out.
JS: The person who can win can rebuild from war. Stand behind me.
Tan: Thank you for holding this wonderful birthday party.
Tan’s dad: How dare you appear in front of me with her!
Tan:  This is my girlfriend.
ES: Nice to meet you, I”m Cha Eun Sung.
Thanks SO MUCH to Garmia for posting this in the comments.  She’s faster than me LOL.  I’ll be doing a translation and posting it in a few minutes.  YAY!!

I have been hitting the official SBS Heirs page every hour.  They post previews there as soon as they are released, but still nothing.  The Korean public is going nuts too, based on the comments I read LOL.  Here is the link if you wish to check out the page as often as I do.


Though no text or video preview has been released, yet, there was this info released by a staff member:

Meanwhile, Kim Tan’s exam results will be revealed in the upcoming episode of The Heirs, which has been getting a lot of fans’ attention, since he ranked as the last in his class in the previous exam.

A drama staff commented, “Kim Tan’s new exam results will bring about another turn-of-events and bring laughter to many.”

Ok, they’re seriously killing me.  Where is my preview?!  I can’t even find a text preview.  They’re being so mean, this is the last week, give us a crumb here!

So, what do you think will happen in Wednesday’s episode?  I’m really looking forward to this birthday party and for KA, Won, and Tan to all ignore dad for as long as he wants to play sick.  Really looking forward to another really good moment with ES and KT and I hope YD comes to the birthday party.  I know, in his own way, he can lay on the bromance and still be snarky and adorable🙂

Ok, just going to have to relive some of my favorite moments until it’s here and Lee Min Ho’s OST song.

This post will be updated as soon as I find the preview, text or video, so keep looking!