Week 10 – More to watch!

So why do I say more to watch?  I brought up the list of the 2013 Korean Dramas to do a year-end review… which will take a week or two to write… and realized there were quite a few I haven’t seen.  UGH!  This means, for the next two weeks, I’m going to be drowning in drama watching to get them all done.  There are about eight of them I need to watch.

Other than my weekly diet of Heirs, Pretty man, and Deja Vu, I started watching The Prime Minister & I, Nine Times Time Travel, and watched a few movies.  I still haven’t finished The Legend yet (and I want to!) because I can’t seem to get all the subbed episodes to work… argh!  I have to go find the rest to watch.

I’m super excited and yet sad that Heirs will end this week.  It’s going to be another year before I get to see LMH in something, I just know it, and that makes me sad as well.  However, at least two of my guys from this drama are immediately going into something else, so that is good!  I’ve heard so many people rag on this drama, say how it’s awful, no one watches, etc etc.  However, yesterday, I got over 10,000 hits because I had the ep 19 preview posted on my blog…. yeah, this is a small blog, I do NOT get that kind of traffic, but I did with the mention of Heirs ep 19 preview.  There are alot of people watching that apparently don’t want to admit it 🙂

The Prime Minister & I started this past week and I think I’m going to like it.  I’ve decided to throw out the rule of not watching airing dramas because I can’t seem to follow it anyway LOL.  I enjoyed the first episode and look forward to today’s episode as well.

Warm Heart has been really good as well and I’m hoping that develops into a total heart jerker.  I think it will 🙂  I’m going to do separate posts on the dramas soon once both have had time to get a few episodes in.


Also watched two movies this week, even did reviews of one of them because it had me laughing so hard I hurt myself.  I mean, look at the photo above!  It should explain why I laughed so much.  So… I’ve missed my So Ji Sub since Master’s Sun ended almost 6 weeks ago.  I did a search, found a ton of older things he’d done that I have not seen.  This film, Steal it If You Can, had him looking the best, I thought, so I watched.  What I didn’t expect was how damn funny it was!  Why was he worried about doing rom com!  The man can seriously do comedy, his timing is excellent, and he was friggin ADORABLE in this movie.  When I saw the average rating was like 6.5 I wasn’t expecting too much, but I loved it and will watch it again.  It’s a very Keystone Cops kind of movie, and I’m a sucker for that 🙂  Oh, and his face… yeah, sucker for his face too.


How to Keep My Love, this was unexpectedly endearing.  Normally, with Korean movies, I don’t get too emotional.  US movies have a way of making my cry if they want to, but I’ve not seen many Korean movies that can pull me into a romance and make me believe it in under two hours.  This one did, and I give alot of this to the acting skills of Kim Jung-Eun.  She is amazing.  I watched the movie because of her and I’m so glad I did.  I got choked up a couple of times.  Yeah, it was good.  A woman who has dated her boyfriend for seven years, hasn’t been proposed to yet, then he seems interested in an actress he meets by chance.  The actress plays it strong, goes after him, and you’re left to wonder if he’s going to stay with his girlfriend or move on to the actress.  It was really good.


10 thoughts on “Week 10 – More to watch!

  1. DDee says:

    Hah as I’ve discovered too, lots of folks are watching Heirs. They’re all on tumblr ;). And I’m also marathoning all the shows I didn’t finish in a mad attempt to finish them before the year is up so I can’t start any new ones. Not sure how long I can keep this up though. Sleep, I needs it!

    1. hjlyon says:

      Sleep is an illusion, don’t believe that you need it! I’ve got 17 dramas to finish before year end to do my review… I have to see everything non-daily to do a proper year end review LOL… ugh, 2 days per drama on the average, this is gonna be tough. Might have to step up the game and do a couple of 16 epi dramas in one day 🙂

      1. hjlyon says:

        Yeah, you and me both! I’ve just about half finished Two Weeks, it’s really good! Think I’ll do Sword and Flower next. I have to take breaks, get in some Immortal Songs (I’m seriously hooked on that show and Sandeul) and a Running Man or two 🙂

      2. DDee says:

        Nah my list ain’t nearly as long as yours! For instance, I’m not going near Sword and Flower. But Two Weeks–two thumbs up! I’m on a break from Queen’s Classroom at the moment. My stamina isn’t what it used to be 😦

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