Master’s Sun Director’s Edition DVD… YAY!

I got my early Christmas present this weekend… the Director’s cut Master’s Sun.  If you loved this drama as much as I did, you have to get it!  The BTS stuff is awesome.  At $120 it’s not cheap, but it was the only thing I asked for from the family 😛



8 thoughts on “Master’s Sun Director’s Edition DVD… YAY!

    1. hjlyon says:

      If you don’t read Korean it’s a bit hard to order, but here is the link

      You’ll get a postcard (in Korean LOL) that says you’ll get your item by 12/21. I don’t know if that will be the case or not, then it describes what ya got… 210 minutes of BTS, video of the press conference, director’s commentary, NG cut scenes, interview with the director, and about another hour of misc stuff. The BTS footage is about four times what we’ve seen posted online so I expect ALOT of good stuff!

      1. rarapop says:

        Thanks for the link! I think Google translation will help me a lot if I order it. Do you think any of the BTS stuff will be subbed? I mom really, really loves Master’s Sun, but I don’t know if it would be worth it without English subtitles.

      2. hjlyon says:

        I’m hoping it’s subtitled LOL. I can get about 75% of Korean listening to it, but I miss the nuances. If she loved Master’s Sun like I did, she’ll love it anyway! But yeah, since they do international shipping, it’s probably subbed in 4 or 5 langues.

      1. atat says:

        Kyaaaaaaa!!! I jus looked few of the bts scenes on soompi!! Really made my day!!! There’s more of that in the bts issit????=)

      2. hjlyon says:

        Hours more 🙂 I’m still trying to get through everything! I’m so glad I got this as a present, you have no idea. Best Xmas gift I’ve gotten from hubby yet

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