Drama Week of Jan 27th in Review – Currently Airing Dramas

Ok, FYI for those reading.  These are not full recaps.  Though I might talk ALOT about what happened in each episode, I won’t mention everything and what I do mention isn’t necessarily in the order it was shown.  I talk about the scenes I felt important to the story or that gave me serious laughs or feels.  I show screenshots that capture a moment for me. This post already takes me 4-6 hours and is around 7,000 words, LOL.   That’s what these “Drama Week” posts are, in a nut shell 🙂

Because it takes so long to do, I’m going to publish this post when it’s nearly finished.  I will continue to edit it with more pics, more reviews, but I want to get some of this out asap 🙂

You Who Came from Another Star – Ep 13

With the Lunar New Year this week, we only got one episode of tasty goodness.  While this gave me slight withdrawal pains and a minor panic attack, the good news is that SBS is in talks to do a 1 episode extension!  YAY!!!  This means I’ll get even MORE time with my Kim Soo Hyun… this is a definite plus 🙂


Last week I cried so darn much watching Do Min Jo scare the hell out of Song Yi while telling her he is an alien.  I couldn’t get why he was doing it that way, but this week they gave us some insight!  Watching him go through telling other people, even helping them, and having them turn on him was just so heart breaking.  He must have been so lonely the past 400 years!  So at least what he was doing, and why, made some sense.  But, even expecting more tears, I was so excited to see this episode.  And yay!  Almost no tears!  As a matter of fact, I laughed myself silly through most of the episode.  I think this is why I love this show so much.  The writing is outstanding with a tightly woven story that gives us feels and laughs all at the same time.  The acting and directing couldn’t be any more spot on.  And the music and camera work is still golden.  

So what happened?  Well she stuns him by taking his hand and telling him that he could obviously hurt her anytime so why did he keep saving her. listening to her, doing everything she asked?  He tells her it was only because she resembled the girl from 400yrs ago and to leave.  She immediately disbelieves that he is an alien  and goes out of the museum ranting and raving while crying.  He even sweetly, while watching from the shadows, “stops” a taxi for her, which she doesn’t take.  His little smirks at her antics just throw daggers at me with his cuteness.


What happened next… have to say this is the one scene that just killed me (for 2 reasons, which I’ll mention later) was her going to the mountains, standing on the edge, and shouting “Do Min Joo!  I’m in trouble, HELP!” and then waiting for him to appear.  Everyone around her is mumbling that she’s nuts while she talks to herself about how she knew he wouldn’t show, alien whatever.  LOL.  All this to prove to herself that he’s not an alien and can’t help her.


THEN she shows up at his classroom (loved his face) and after class steals him away.  She makes him go to the beach and eat dinner with her.  Afterwards, as they walk on the beach, she asks him for the truth about how he felt about her.  This is where the tissue box came out.  How he does it, I’ll never know, but sits there and as she asks if he never once liked her (flashback of kisses), never thought about a future together (flashback of his dream), or wanted to be with her (more flashbacks of them together) and he stands there and says no.  OMG, kill me now.  I died a bit for her.  Then he asks if this is seriously more important to her than him being an alien.  She answers, like I think most women would, that it’s 1,000 times more important to know if the man that she liked cared about her.  His face showed how stunned he was by this confession.


After this, we get another teaching scene. He starts describing (to his class) how a breakup is similar to the 5 stages a grief and as he explains them, we see her acting them.   Sooo friggin cute!  But, as he says, when it comes to men, they suffer at the end while women use it to make themselves better.  And that’s also what we see, him suffering and her using it to work harder.


When she goes back to the museum to look at the hairpin again, it’s gone and a new exhibit is in it’s place.  This time there is a very rare and special picture of the group of men who helped found the college… and there is Do Min Joo in the pic!  Enter one of the funniest scenes yet as she tries to keep people from looking at the photo.  Her and her poses crack me up!  She does this bat like thing with her shawl to block the photo, then goes home and mumbles outside his door while he watches through the door cam.  She leaves a stick note that tells him about the photo (sorta) and signs the note with “Don’t even try to find out who left this note!”.  Hahahaha.  Of course, she ran into her apt. right after leaving the note while he opened the door.


And Mr. Evil Hyung has now gone certifiable.  (This scene happens earlier in the show, but I had to talk about the other stuff first!)  He’s talking to his dead girlfriend in his office… what?!  Yeah, he’s gone over the bend, but still manages to threaten DMJ and tells him he now has only 3 days to take responsibility and leave.  DMJ has decided to do this to save Song Yi and he tells his lawyer/friend/dad, who completely does not agree.  But what can he do?  Well, he could just kill him, but that’s only my opinion 🙂


Song Yi’s mom signs the contract for the one-woman agency with Evil Hyung (yup, that’s my name for him) and those  of us watching are cringing inside and shouting “Anya!” at the screen.  This is surely going to spell alot of trouble for our girl… which of course is proven out when mom spills the beans about Song Yi taking a supporting role in a movie and when she’ll be filming.  And, of course, it is bad for out Song Yi… he has his “hitman” go to the set and mess with the wire rigging she’ll be using to do an action jump.  Of COURSE this will be the cliffhanger, or at least part of it.  The other part?  The prosecutor has found out DMJ isn’t really DMJ and that he is the person thought dead a few years ago.  He goes to talk to him, and DMJ is throwing himself on the sword to protect Song Yi.  The final scenes are of the jump (she does it LIKE A BOSS!) and DMJ sitting in front of the prosecutor making a video statement.


So at the end, we don’t know what he’s going to say to the prosecutor, if she’s going to fall and get hurt, if he’s going to be able to save her if something happens, etc.  It’s so up in the air!

As for the epilogue… this is the 2nd part of cuteness at the mountain.  I told you it was coming!  So Song Yi is screaming “I’m in Danger!  Do Min Joo!  Save Me!” at the top of this mountain, and gets no response so she scoffs and leaves.  But the epilogue spans around to behind the rock she’s in front of where people are leaving and mumbling about the crazy woman… and we see DMJ, all cute in a cardigan, saying “How dare she call someone anytime, anywhere… Scared me!  Geez” as he walks off clutching his chest and shaking his head.  I was, of course, drinking my coke watching this and thru the nose it went.  I should know better by now than to watch the epilogues drinking or eating anything… but I don’t learn.


Excited for next week!  I think things are finally going to head into the direction of happily forever after.  At least, I seriously hope so!  I mean, this is Park Ji Eun, the same writer for Unexpected You and Queen of Reversals, so it’s gotta end happy, right?  RIGHT?!

Emergency Couple – Ep 3 & 4

I seriously love how fast the character development has happened on this show.  I know it’s only 16 episodes, so you can’t be slow, but it’s fantastic! By the end of episode 4, I’m already really into these two and the chemistry is there.  It’s sort of that same chemistry a couple feels after a really big argument when you get into the angry kisses… yeah, it’s there.


Chang Min died on the floor after the electroshock went through the criminal and hit him.  They rushed him into a room and started CPR.  Jin He worked her butt off to save him, even doing mouth to mouth instead of using the bag to save him.  It worked, he lives, obviously or this would be a really short show.  What I love is how they were able to use this to really show how much she still cares for him.  It wasn’t about feeling responsible for his death if he wasn’t revived, it was that she couldn’t lose him.  She’s not aware of that yet, but it’s getting there.  Because he doesn’t know the whole story, he yells at her and calls her an idiot again, but he learns about what she did through the episode and it effects him.


During lunch, CM goes on a blind date forced on him by his mother.  The fact that neither of them has dated since their divorce 6 years earlier says alot too, just FYI.  Of course, during the blind date/lunch break, the chief calls an emergency and all the interns rush to meet him… except CM, who doesn’t get this and is not at the hospital.  JH tries to cover for him by saying he’s in the bathroom as they are paired off together (her and ex, of course) for a hypothetical emergency.  They have 30 minutes, each pair, to do a simple procedure on a fake body or the patient dies and they fail.  She tries to go it alone while calling him and telling him to get his happy ass back ASAP and whats going on.  He doesn’t make it back before the 30 min is up and she couldn’t get it done solo, so she failed.  But, she finished the job requested and takes the dummy body to the Chief’s office.  THIS is when CM returns and see’s her tripping and falling into the Chief’s arms.  Ok, it was cute, but don’t give me a 2nd lead like this!  I can’t handle it!!  I really really like the Chief, alot, don’t give him heartache please.


CM is nailed by the Chief who knew he left the hospital and why.  And CM starts to feel a little bad for JH as she gives him a good yell too.  Later they’re both told to take a patient with esophageal cancer to the OR, but they get stuck in the elevator.  The patient starts coughing up blood and they have to do an emergency tracheotomy.  Only, neither has done one!  They call the chief, he wants to vid them through it, but she drops the phone.  Oops.  Finally, CM says he will do it but his hands are shaking so bad he can’t and JH does it.  When the elevator opens, Chief is there with a crew to see a good job was done but slaps CH for hanging up on him.  ARGH!  I hate misunderstandings in dramaland!


Afterwards, though, JH lets CM take the credit.  He’s confused, doesn’t know why, approaches her about it.  This is yet another scene where you can really see that she doesn’t hold the animosity and hate for him that she keeps saying she does, and he sees it too.


We also find out how JH got through medical school… CM’s dad!  He apparently funded it all and helped her since their divorce.  She meets him for lunch to give him a birthday gift, tell him she passed her internship exam.  They agree to meet for the last time since she has a life now, but they left it a bit open at the end.  Dad asked where she was interning and she stutters, but it cuts out and it doesn’t show the rest of the lunch.  Hrmmm… does dad know she’s interning with her ex?!


CM’s crazy mom goes to see dad.  Hilarity ensues LOL.  I mean, seriously, now I know where CM is coming from!  Dad and Mom have a scene not unlike the one with CM and JH destroying the apartment before they got divorced.  Only this time, there was no sadness, it all cracked me up.  Mom straps dad into her car afterwards to demand he answer questions and talk to her.  Obviously, this hasn’t been a good relationship for many many years.  Dad is sweet, down to earth, and likely the only reason CM has such a good side to him.  You also learn he really wanted CM and JH to stay together, he thought they were good for each other.


The next day the man they saved in the elevator dies and everyone finds out that they’re going to try and blame the ER because an intern was involved with a procedure.  This is soooo hospital politics and I hate to see it, but it’s realistic.  Chief bares his teeth against the asshole doctor that performed the surgery, almost punching the guy, but JH takes this news really hard.  She goes of to cry and CM follows.


This scene, for as much as they argue, was where the chemistry really hit me.  He hates that she’s hurt, and not because she’s a doctor and should harden up, but because she’s hurt.  He even tells her he will take any blame.  They keep arguing and she clues him in on how much his words hurt her over their married life and how degraded she felt.  It was a very cathartic argument, at least to my way of thinking.


It ended with them staring at each other, CM holding her arm, JH in tears.  Hrmmm… where will this go?  I’m sure it won’t go where I want it to, it’s only episode 4.  And, other than the few dramas that break the rules (I Need Romance, etc), the kiss isn’t supposed to happen until Episode 8.  Dramaland is nothing if not predictable so we must wait for the halfway mark of the drama to see them finally click in that way.  Now, I have hopes that because they were married before we MIGHT actually get there sooner than that, but I don’t bank on it.

Overall this show still has me hooked.  The comedy is great, the character development, all of it.  What I really love, though, is the music that they start every time there is about to be a funny confrontation between the two!  It makes me start dancing in my seat 😛

I Need Romance 3 – Ep 5 & 6

Ok, I need more kisses.  Seriously.  I need at least one every week!  Lots of laughter, major feels, even some tears, but no kisses this week.  Ok, writer, you have to balance the good with the bad, here!  But seriously, this week flipped things over and sideways and gave me a few good shocks.

So Joo Yeon finally finds out the Allen Jo is Sweet Potato.  She has a really hard time accepting it and we see flashbacks of him as a kid with her.  They fuss and argue and we find out that his memories don’t quite match hers as children.  He was a fussy baby that she had to walk, he stole his mom’s piggy bank and gave it to her as a gift labeling her a thief, he put gum in her hair and she had to cut it off, and so on.  Allen gets upset and takes a walk, trying to see the past as she did.  He does, begins to understand her animosity and cries.  Ok, seriously, don’t make him cry!  Breaks my heart.

For these two, episode 5 didn’t move much past that.  He spent the rest of the week trying to do nice things for her while she was hardly ever at home.  Why was she not there?  Because Se Ryung is screwing with her again.  There were some really great moments, though, with Joo Yeon and her boss, Tae Yoon as he makes her stare at the wall as he kind of confesses to her!  That was a bit of a shock, but he’s so darn cute and she got all giggly.  This gave my heart a bit of a squeeze.  Why is she so happy about it?!  What about Allen!

The other couples also had some shockers this episode…  Min Jung’s sex buddy has moved in next door and she’s doing her best to hide that fact.  This could be a good thing, but she’s freaking out.  Hee Jee and Woo Young sit and chat about work and boyfriend problems and end up kissing, like a good kiss too.  Now, I love her boyfriend, but I totally ship these two!

It gets even more interesting when Joo Yeon finds out that her boss and Se Ryung used to be a couple.  And Se Ryung has found every opportunity to get in Tae Yoon’s path to talk to him.  She ends up meeting him at the bar and talking about wanting to get back together.  He says no, but she still has hope and leaves.  He ends up getting seriously drunk.  When Joo Yeon calls him, the bartender picks up the phone and asks her to come get him.  She does and he spends the night at her house, where Allen said he wouldn’t be because of work.  Only, he sets an alarm to show up at 6am with breakfast for her…. awwwww.  BUT, he sees men shoes, then Tae Yoon walking out of the bathroom in a robe.  LOL, yeah, the typical WTF moment look was on his face!  Of course, end of the episode five 🙂

You were expecting to laugh the first 10 minutes of episode 5 because of her boss coming out of the shower.  Yeah, I laughed till my sides hurt.  Allen’s facial expressions and little fits of jealousy are WAY too cute on him!  But what I didn’t expect was for the boss to get into it and nudge the jealousy a bit by taking her to work instead of letting her drive.  That was awesome.

In short, this week was all about Se Ryung beating Joo Yeon.  And she did, Joo Yeon’s broadcast went belly up.  She goes to see Tae Yoon about it, and he’s almost completely cold to her.  This kills her and she heads home.  Allen comes home, sees her there, starts to talk to her and realizes she’s not right.  She ends up basically crying on his shoulder not because she failed, but because she hurt Tae Yoon by failing and didn’t see his smile.  OMG… stab me in the heart, next time!  I little warning would have been nice.  I mean, there was a tad of a hint in the last episode, but now Allen’s realized (even if she hasn’t) that she’s been in love with her boss for a long time.  This whole ending scene was so heart breaking I could have died.  He’s going to love and support her even after that, because what else can he do?  UGH!

Prime Minster & I – Ep 14 & 15

It’s ending next week!  I’m happy and sad, I’ll miss this show but I finally get to see them together and happy… I hope.  I will go into a homicidal fit if not!

Check back soon, still editing.

Let’s Eat – Ep 10

It didn’t start the way I wanted this week.  It skipped over the reaction of “I own you” that I was waiting to see and moved ahead into the story.

Check back soon, still editing this post.

Deja Vu – Ep 13

This week was another slower episode, but at least we finally got to her telling him everything… sorta.  But more on that in a minute.

Grandpa got mean again after the failed launch and basically fired Xei Wei.  He’s got to prove that Tornado is the true builder of the bike, not Buffalo.  What does this mean?  It means Xei Wei goes and sneaks into a building to steal plans and, of course, Hai Lin is going to help him!

Poor Fang, he’s getting the shaft in this love triangle.  I really liked him up until about 2 episodes ago where he got all major pushy, but I still like him enough to feel bad for him.  While she’s helping Xei Wei, he’s at an airport waiting to see if she’ll come to New York with him.  Not gonna happen, bud.  I hate to tell you that 😦  He finally realizes it and checks in for his flight, gets a refund for her ticket.  He walks to the gate to wait.

So Hai Lin has successfully broken into Buffalo’s plant, like Xei Wei (though you don’t see how she did), and helps him get away from a guard who’s about to discover him with plans in hand.  They escape into an elevator and hide there.  Now, why do you hide in a small box?!  I mean, just keep moving ahead  of the guard and get the F out of there!  No, much better idea is hiding in the metal box.

Apparently, it’s an airtight metal box because when the breakers are thrown and the power goes off, they are stuck and going to run out of air.  I’m not an engineer, but this doesn’t seem right to me… maybe I’m wrong, but this is where the story went.  Not the greatest plot development, but at least it led to a confession, finally.  She was dying, they were trapped in an elevator, he was crying.  Yeah, he’s likely not going to believe a word she says, but we finally got there.  ALMOST got the damn kiss, too, but she just HAD to pass out then.  UGH!  But, the episode moved the story in the right direction.  Of course, as soon as she passes out, the power comes on, the doors open…. and Fang is there!


We will have to wait for two weeks to find out what happens because they won’t be showing episode 14 (because of Lunar New Year) this Monday. UGH.  It’s already a tad slow to begin with, we gotta do this?  Really?!

Inspiring Generation – Ep 5 & 6

This week… aw man, get me a fan please.  When did this explosion of hot men happen!?  So, not only do we get the entrance of our characters as adults, but we get the rest of the hotties entering the game… you know, Song Jae Rim, Lee Chul Min, Kim Jae Wook, whew.  And the CLOTHES.  These companies would make a bundle of cash the size of Mt. Rushmore if they put up a store that sold copies of everything worn in the show.  I’d buy Gaya’s clohes, and Leader Mo’s outfit, and even her body guards outfit.  Gorgeous.  They’re already going to make a ton with the OST, this would be a bonus!  Back to the story and I’ll leave my fangirling and clothes jealousy on the backburner.

Apparently I’m psychic.  It seems that Jung Tae is looking for his sister!  He’s been told by Jae Hwa (his voice makes me want to melt, BTW) that he saw someone take his sister.  So he’s knocking over every group he can find that has kids they are selling.  He hasn’t found her yet, but he’s looking.

Jung Tae and Ok Ryun are dating, and it’s really cute.  I could ship this couple if I didn’t love Gaya so much and really want her with Jung Tae.  But I won’t feel bad because enter Kim Soo Ok.  He’s a swindler but adorable and good hearted (I’m going to believe that till proven otherwise) and takes an immediate shine to Ok Ryun when he hears her sing and sees her.  She wants to be a singer and is trying to audition, but it’s a fake.  Soo Ok gets her out of the situation, in a very cool manner, but she and her friend leave.  Yeah, he’s watching her leave, he likes her 🙂

Jung Tae’s having lunch with the mob boss and tells him the story of when his mom died how he took Chung Ya to an inn with a grandmotherly figure and sold her for 10 cents because he thought she’d be fed and taken care of.  He then went off while his sister cried for him.  She found him, nearly 40km away, looking like a beggar, and handed him candy.  Told him to remember where she was then left and went back to the inn.  Ok, the story is so sad, it hit me in the gut, but KHJ’s acting (as I’d hoped) has gotten even better.  His crying in this scene KILLED ME!  He’s going to kill this role, seriously.

While this is all happening Korea, back in Japan, Gaya has finished 3 years of training and is finally going to meet the master (her Grandfather, and she’s figuring this out).  She drinks tea with fish scales to prove her loyalty not knowing it’s going to do some serious damage for a bit and cut her throat to pieces.  She does it, though, and Shinjyu (serious hottie that’s my age!) is now hers to command.  She does what she was told not to do, though, and asks a question… is her mom’s killer in Il Gook Hoe.  Grandpa dearest makes her kill a traitor locked in a cell before he’ll tell her anything.  She does, but only after he lies to her and goes after her. The scene following, man this girl had the acting chops.  She’s standing there in a bit of shock and asks Grandpa again.  He says Yes so of course, she asks another question… who?  For this, she has to go take over Jung Tae’s town and come back, then he’ll tell her.  UGH!

The scene that took the cake for Gaya, though, wasn’t her crying in the room while she’s covered in blood and trying to clean it off (though it’s amazing).  It’s when she makes it to Korea, and meets with the first group to let them know she’s taking over.  Holy kick ass action scene.  Leader Mo…. Song Jae Rim.  The outfit, the walk, the look, the smiles and smirks, damn.  Let a girl breathe!  He’s another kick ass fighter who makes about 3 moves and manages to kill 2 men with those moves.  Yeah, ok, I sorta ship these two but they are enemies and she needs Jung Tae LOL.  He’s likely going to end up dead, since he basically said he’s going to kill her, but holy hotness.

The good boss mob has found the two people that stabbed Jung Tae and he tells Poong Cha so he can take JT to find out who hired them.  They head to the ghetto of the town and find the couple who are butchers.  You can smell the fight, right?  Yeah, I did too.  He asks nicely who hired them, but they think they’re safe from him and say they’re not giving up their money line.  Annnnnnnd, time for the fight.  The fight choreographer needs an award.  Not only are all the fights well done, but Poong Cha kicking the wife was awesome!

They end up giving him only one piece of info, Leader Mo.  So, what do they do?  Head off to see Leader Mo.  This scares me.  JT can fight, but Mo is like  Ninja good.  As they are heading in to meet Mo, out walks Gaya and her entreage.  Thank you writers for letting them recognize each other!  SO hate when only 4 yrs pass and no one knows each other’s face.  He immediately says he’ll find his dad for her, and she warns him to or she’ll kill everyone he loves.  Yeah, not the BEST thing to say to him.  So he warns her back.  Not off to what I call a good start, but this is dramaland, hate usually has to come first, right?

JT gets in to see Leader Mo and, right from the start, it’s tense as hell.  Don’t get me wrong, JT looks cool, but Mo basically puts him in his place and smirks at the balls JT has.  Since JT doesn’t end up dead, I’m guessing Mo must like him or plan to use him some how. We’ll see how that goes!

Ok Ryun is waiting for JT to return at the train station.  Soo Ok has followed her and paid off guys to make trouble so he can beat them up, I guess.  Only, JT appears out of no where and does it.  Hahahaha, it was a priceless scene and I couldn’t help but just love it.  Still ship Ok Ryun and Soo Ok, seriously.  I love her with JT, and I feel horrible that she’s going to get hurt by him (twice this week alone), but Soo Ok is adorable.

Ok Ryun is told Gaya is bad, and she hides her sadness but tells JT it’s her birthday and hands him a written itinerary of what he’s supposed to do for her.  Cracks me up that she knows him well enough to know he’s not thought of anything.  He cares for her because he tries to do what she asked the next day, but ends up getting in a fight when he goes to get an advance on his pay.  He doesn’t make it to their meeting place in time and off OR goes on her own, sad, but determined.  She goes Ice Skating, and Soo Ok has followed her again!  This time he drags along, literally drags, a gramophone to play music while they ice skate… awwwww.  JT looks all over for OR later, then waits at her house where she’s driven home by Soo Ok.  She starts to ignore him, but he asks her out on another date.  She agrees for the next night.

We all see the writing on the wall because he’s not going to make it, and he doesn’t.  He even bought her a ring!  I’m not sure if it was out of loyalty to her, to protect her, or to just settle, but he was going to marry her apparently.  But Shinjyu has asked for JT to be brought to him for a fight.  As JT is on the way to the dinner date, he sees a woman being beat up and is told she’s being sold with other younger girls.  Hellooooo, TRAP.  Completely designed for him.  And it works, he leaves OR waiting at the restaurant as he runs off to the warehouse to save girls that don’t exist.  He gets locked in as about 10 guys pop out of cars ready to kick his ass.

So, who’s going to win?  Likely not JT, but he will definitely do some damage before he goes down!  Why is Shinjyu getting rid of JT?  I think he’s afraid of what Gaya might feel for him, he’s got a head on his shoulders.  Really looking forward to next week, so in love with this show!  Nothing has changed, the production quality is still top notch, acting, writing, music, everything.  This really will make my top 5 of all time at this rate.  Go KHJ!!

Miss Korea – Ep 13 & 14

Whew!  This week was a bit of a roller coaster ride.  Ji Young, as well as the other Seoul contestants, are seriously taking a beating.  It was great to see President Ma and Hyung Joon work together to smack the producers of the Miss Korea pageant around!  And for those that haven’t seen the episodes, only read recaps and reviews…. go watch!  I knew Lee Yeon Hee could dance, but man can she sing!  I mean seriously sing.  That was a highlight for me this week.






Golden Rainbow

Poor dad, he gets the shaft from everywhere!

Final Thoughts for the Week

This week was rough for me with the Lunar holiday.  I only got part of my drama fix and I’ve been suffering all week long!  It’s like going into withdrawal without having the drama end!  That’s just not right.  I’m sad that one of my dramas is ending next week because I’ve really enjoyed watching Prime Minister & I, but I look forward to what is coming up as well.  Let’s hope it helps fill the void!  Right now, I’m just eagerly awaiting Monday so I can start my shows for the week.  I hope you enjoyed reading the reviews and that you’ll have fun watching your dramas this coming week too.


4 thoughts on “Drama Week of Jan 27th in Review – Currently Airing Dramas

  1. snow_white says:

    wow….you are watching so many dramas simultaneously..!! How do you manage??
    I’m also sad that sweet and cute PMAI is ending tomorrow….

    I’m only reading recaps for Inspiring Generation…I want KHJ’s character to end up with OR….but I think Kaya is the main lead 😦

    1. hjlyon says:

      I actually really like him with both, and I love OR with TJ… but Soo Ok really fits her better I think. Gaya is the lead, but sometimes, rarely, we see it work out with 2nd leads… who knows LOL.

      I watch them all at the same time because I’m nuts, that’s why. And on the days I’ve finished watching the 2 or 3 hours (usually twice) of dramas released that day, then I catch an episode or 3 of older dramas to finish them off as I can. Yeah, I’ve got a laptop that goes with me everywhere so I can watch while I’m cooking, doing laundry, you name it! Plus, the whole 4hrs of sleep a night helps give me time too.

  2. bella157 says:

    are you sure we’re not related?
    In YFAS they kiss early in the drama; but don’t really get together.
    Loved the recap of Emergency Couple ,and of course YFAS.

    1. hjlyon says:

      ROFL, it’s always possible 😛 I’m actually working on finishing the post right now. Had to help mom most of yesterday so I didn’t get to finish (ARGH!) and then I got sucked into watching the YFAS preview about 100 times and squeeing the whole time, so after I got stuff done this morning and watched INR3 and PMAI, I’m trying to finish up the post… I can’t WAIT for tomorrow!!!

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